The Circle Jerk Crew (CJC) was formed in 2009 by a bunch of friends as a private group on the NZHondas.com forum. The group was formed as many of the members had outgrown the Honda scene and had begun to modify other makes of cars. Before long, the CJC was too big for its private group and formed its own blog and forum.

The CJC has grown over the years into a club with over 150 active members but still maintains its ethos of a bunch of friends with a common interest in cars. What makes the CJC different from other clubs is that the range of cars is unlimited. While other clubs focus on perhaps one make or model of car, in the CJC, anything goes, as long as there’s the focus of quality and real parts.

Membership to the CJC remains closed to the public as potential Jerks need to be vouched in.