The weather decided to play ball at CJC Summer Sports Show 2019.

Its been a while since the ol blog has been updated and what a great way to dust the cobwebs out with a small write up of CJC Summer Sports Show.

This event has always been a massive hit in Hamilton over the past few years and rightfully so as its a great excuse for our members to get together for a casual, relaxed catch up after the long summer break.

The event is open to all of our members, their family and friends. Rather than the traditional Hamilton spot, we took to the great city of Taupō as its a bit more central to the majority of our members. We also won’t be visiting Taupō for any of our track days this year so a good way for the boys and girls to get our ‘Taupō Fix’

Summer Sports Show – as the title suggests, is an outdoor sports event. Its a family style picnic with games like tug of war, egg and spoon etc. And we have a few cars on display which explains the the ‘show’ part.
Having members cars on display is a cool part of the event but it isn’t what its all about. This event focuses on the people.

Leading up to the event, we noticed the bad weather. I don’t mean just a little bit of rain, this was a damn storm. A storm with a name. You know its bad when the storm has a name.

With this event is solely based around the outdoors, ‘Cyclone Oma’ running buck wild outside really threw a spanner in the works. … We watched the weather closely the week leading up to the Saturday… It didn’t seem to get much better so at this point we figured it was a write off and cancelled some of our planning arrangements with council. But come Friday, chance of bad weather went down to 30% and come Saturday we just saw a few showers in the morning with mid 20-30 degree h e a t throughout the day. Taupō council pulled through in the last minute with the venue and everything else just fell into place.

We had a good turn out considering the uncertainty of torrential rain right up til the last minute. Auckland, Wellington and everywhere between. The games brought out the competitive side, with some family rivalry in the mix. Neal absolutely destroyed the egg and spoon race and Timmy B probably wasn’t the right person to use for a balance of power for Tug of War but in the end, Team 2 took out a flawless victory.

As the day drew to an end, Chim gathered a few of the cars around for some photos which came out mint with his robot like photography techniques which brought out the big smiles and laughs for some epic pics.

CJC can’t finish a Taupō trip without a dip in the Weikei Terraces to top it off the next day. Absolute m u s t.

Huge thank you to everyone who came along and a massive shout out to Taupō Council. Check out the gallery below. 

Words by SillyNico
Images by Chim Patel