Although the majority of our members reside in Hamilton and Auckland, the CJC family is fairly wide spread; ranging across the upper north island, lower south island and everywhere in between.


When the opportunity arose for me to make the move down to Wellington, I was happy to know I would be in good company, being warmly welcomed by CJC 04 Chapter (a name derived from the ’04’ area code of the Wellington region); a tight-knit bunch of Wellington based CJC members.



The unique blend of machines within the crew is testament to a spread of knowledge and interests. There is always something fresh being brought to the table with some next level builds happening behind the scenes.


Catch-ups have been more frequent as we get into the longer summer days, whether it be a BBQ and beers, a midnight touge run or helping one of the brothers with his build, the crew is always up for some chill times and a good laugh.


It’s awesome to know that no matter where you go around the country, there’s always some family close by.

Words: SillyNico

Photos: Chim Patel