Generally when people buy a car, they are out there looking for a vehicle to get them from A to B. However, quite a few of us want it to get them there fast, safe, comfortably and of course style. Some of us also want it to break people’s necks when we drive past. Call the ambulance!

Lexus, the big brother of Toyota, the luxury brand. That is where Grant went looking for a car that could tick all the right boxes. Naturally being the owner of GT Refinishers, driving a car that has a personal touch is always a great way to show off his work. Especially after being well known for custom wide bodies, custom paint jobs and some extreme work in general.

It’s here that Grant purchased a 2005 Lexus IS250, one that started out in stock form. Already having clean body lines and a smooth 2.5l V6 motor and all the creature comforts, it was definitely a great blank canvas for him. Super lush and great to drive as is! But it was without much hesitation that the IS250 got its make-over underway.

Grants Lexus 017 copyGrants Lexus 019 copy

Up front the Lexus has been given a face-lift you could say, with an aftermarket front lip and custom front splitter giving it quite an aggressive and sporty look when coming at you.

Grants Lexus 035 copy

Grant wanted a car that was wide and low. Pushing that boundary of wheel fitment and style to show what he could do. With a vision in mind he proceeded to custom make the bolt on wide-body flares to fit the custom sized wheels.

Initially the whole car was going to be seeing a full repaint, but in the mean time the custom flares and spoiler have been painted gunmetal to highlight the work that has been put into the car.

The IS250 has found its way closer to the ground with the addition of lowering springs. As well as..

19×10.5 and 19×11.5 Wed Sport Kranze LXZ’s! Big and wide, love it!

Grants Lexus 026 copy Grants Lexus 027 copy

These particular wheels didn’t start life this wide however. Having these Weds imported for the car, being 3 piece they could be make wider to suit by mixing and matching lips or barrels. Whilst being split apart to be made wider, the LXZ’s were given a freshen up. Black barrels, polished lips and custom gold, candy, flaked centres before being sealed back together. Glitter central in the sun!

Grants Lexus 054 copy

The rear of the car of course could not left be boring or plain, with Grant deciding to fit an aftermarket rear diffuser and make some custom canards to keep in theme with the front splitters. The boot also receiving some love with a custom duck bill wing.

Grants Lexus 051 copy

Lexus being a leader of luxury and having such a tidy factory interior, Grant was happy to leave it as is with only the interior lights being swapped out for LED replacements. Nothing beats a comfortable well designed and put together interior. One cool feature on these cars that I really like is the paddle shift option for changing gears in tiptronic mode! Sporty and fun!

Grants Lexus 023 copy Grants Lexus 006 copy


Grant would like to thank Ben and Tyler from GT Refinishers, Alex at Moonlight Racing, everyone who helped during January in the lead up to the 4 and Rotary Nat’s.

Im sure we will be seeing more work from Grant in many forms in the future!

Pictures and words by Wayne Thompson for

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