CJC Summer Sports: Where warrior athletes from all around the country gather for a chance to compete for fame, glory and honour in the treacherous games, held at a secret location in the city of stars (AKA: Hamilton).


We’ve got a good thing going with the Summer Sports Show. After the inaugural event last year, we met again in 2016 where a mixture of crews gathered to enjoy each others company, spin some yarns and exchange some good-natured banter. This year CJC had the pleasure of chilling with some of the crew from Carnales, Oldschool.co.nz, Lowcally Known and Legit Split. The weather was good, DJ Rev was spinning fire, the games were on point (especially Hungry Human Hippo) and the evening beers were cold.


There is always such a variety in cars when these groups get together. From drift missiles to low riders on hydros, believe us when we say there’s always something to be fapping over.


All the car crews were split up and mixed into four separate teams for ‘The Games: A True Test Of Strength,’ which proved to be a good chance to get to know members from other fraternities a little better. The games this year consisted of the classics such as Tug Of War and Dodgeball, mixed with some new ones like the Water Runner Gauntlet, Hungry Human Hippo and  the Balloon-Popping Pelvic Thrust Relay.

IMG_3684IMG_7162 copyIMG_3753

Team Two took the win after gathering the most points overall, excelling in the Balloon-Popping Pelvic Thrust Relay; the hard work training on each other paid off, boys!

IMG_3751IMG_3717IMG_3720IMG_7187 copy

By the time the games were done, the bar opened and everyone was able to have a beer or two and take the time to admire the cars on display.


Overall, it was an enjoyable day and a great success. All of us are definitely looking forward to next year!


‘Tanks’ to all the hard work put in by organisers and those who helped keep everything running smoothly throughout the day, and also a huge tank-you to everyone that came out and made the day happen.


Words by: SillyNico

Photos supplied by: Sean Foster, Matt Dallimore, Robert Wengert