Summer! Its hot, muggy and generally unpredictable. However on January 24th, 2015 it saw some of the crew from the CJC throw a summer party here in Hamilton, New Zealand (home town of the CJC). Instead of the usual ritual for many of our members which consists of entering into a national car show, the idea was put out into the vast space of internet forums and social media to hold an event open to a few local crews to come together for a day of classic kiwi fun. Whilst others decided to partake in long weekend activities, such as going away to the holiday home or bach as we know it, we made plans to take over a secret location. After some thoughtful planning, a location and a date/time was decided, and a name was all that was needed. Welcome to Summer Sports Show 2015!

The Auckland contingent began the day by meeting up at a well known petrol station meet up point off the southern motorway at 8am. It was here we were met by some of the crew from ‘Lowcally Known’, a good bunch of guys with similar interests!

Mitch silviaMitch Cowley’s S13 Silvia from Lowcally Known (above) Matt’s Integra from CJC (below)

Matt integra 3

After 30 minutes, some Mcdonald’s as breakfast and a meet and greet, it was off to our intended destination. With slightly overcast weather and about 100km of open motorway, we were off.

10 o’clock had arrived, and with it had the sun. Upon our arrival to the Frankton Railway Combined Sports Club in Hamilton, we were met with smiles by the local Hamilton CJC crew who had been busy organizing the sports grounds ready for our arrival. Once all the cars had been parked up in their associated clubs and groups, everyone had a chance to catch up before the sporting commenced.

Jarrod chaser 2Jarrod’s MarkII (above) and Alex’s S15 (below)

Alex silvia

Caleb altezza groupCaleb Thorne’s wicked turbo Altezza from Lowcally Known.

People 2Tank, El presidente of CJC, summoned everyone over to the front of the club to announce the days proceedings and with the help of other members, everyone was split up into four groups to participate in various tasks/sports.

Organisers ft Tank Matt PaulTank, Matt and Paul discussing the finer details.

Tug of war group 2

Tug of war groupBoys and girls getting into some  Tug O’ War

Dodgeball ft Corin doug damianNothing better then a game of ‘Dodgeball’ in the hot summer sun.

Net crawl ft Ryan

Whilst everyone was busy playing in the scorching sunshine, our pride and joys sat watching the show. In the down time between games of Dodgeball, T ball, Tug of war and some kind of egg race mixed with sacks, nets and poles, members of each club/group had an opportunity to check out each others vehicles, grab some food and of course a nice cold beverage.


Caleb altezza ft Troy

Once everyone had a chance to partake in all activities, scores were tallied up and a winning group picked. As well as that, at the end of the day some spot prizes were given away to members with stand out cars in different catagories.

One stand out for the day was CJC member Nigel Nettar’s Chaser. Nigel arrived to the pre-meet and event with an almost brand spanking new paint job. Definitely a show stopper! An avocado/olive tone, it certainly is a different and group-approved color choice!

Nigel chaser

Nigel chaser 2

CJC Summer Sports Show may well become an annual event. It’s a chance for members of CJC and other groups to come together and have a day of fun and relaxation in a grand environment of good company.

CJC would like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone involved in the organization and running of the day, as well as those who came to enjoy the event, Lowcally Known and Legit Split.

Words and Photos by Wayne Thompson for

Waynes Flickr

Video thanks to Nigel Nettar.

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