Amid track days, late nights in the shed, keyboard wars and the consumption of fried chicken, it can be a bit of a mission to get everyone together in one place to play around with our machines in a casual fashion. There are multiple factors involved; the weather, financial situations, feasible dates, and perhaps the most difficult of all: a suitable location in which some fun can be had within the confines of the law.

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So when NZ Performance Car approached us about shooting a feature on the club, it made sense to try and facilitate some form of event following the photos. It so happened that resident Hamilton based CJC member Cam, being the good bloke that he is, had recently secured a family-owned silage pad for the purpose of destroying rubber and offered it up to the crew.

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It’s always good to get the team together for a good skid session, and although not all members pilot a drift ready vehicle or have the capability to shred tyres, it doesn’t stop some long hauls being made by members afar to be a part of the action, a testament to the tight-knit vibe of the CJC. Pilgrimages were made from as far as Levin and Whangarei for the day.

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Much like the varying display of daily drivers and purpose-built tyre-slayers, a diverse range of talent was present also. When it comes to skillfully throwing your car around a pad, it takes practice to become adept and what better place to hone your skills than a private section of concrete? Keys were given to less experienced members and Girlfriends alike, and expensive cars were lent with trust to mates.

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With the help of an on-site tyre changing machine, there was never a moment without action and as the evening wore on the beers and figure 8’s flowed until the weather put an end to the day and signaled the onslaught of a Wong’s Kitchen Late Night raid.¬†We can’t say too much about the events prior to the skid pad action, but we look forward to what the next issue of Performance Car has in store. Keep an eye out for it in the next few days!

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Words: Damian Wijnhoud

Photos: Matt Dallimore

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