Well, another year gone and another year to look forward to. Every year the silly season creeps up quicker than the year before, and for many of us it’s not only a time to reflect upon what we’ve achieved this year, but a good opportunity to plan for the year ahead. Christmas dinners, booze-heavy work functions and last-minute gifts aside, it’s a time to clock up the odometers of our winter projects (once this weather f^*ks off..!) and start making plans for next year for both current cars or new shed ornaments alike.

10For us as a club, it’s also an opportune time to reflect on what we did and didn’t do this year, what we did well and what we could have done better and take those thoughts and plan for the year ahead. 2014 has been an iconic year for the CJC, to recap on some of the major points:

– A change in President

– A handful of new members have been inducted and fit into the guild perfectly

– We’ve pulled off a series of successful events including one of the best Jerkfests yet

– Casual collaborations with other like-minded clubs

– A fantastic feature in New Zealand Performance Car magazine

– Club silage pad skid sessions kicked off with a hiss and a roar

– Video of Tony’s Civic doing a skid broke the internet

– And the most important of all; the club has had a great year continuing to do what we do and most, if not all members have had a great year on a personal level.

Jerkfest 2014 067With that in mind, there’s always a lot to improve on and 2015 is going to be even more instrumental in shaping the future of the CJC. As mentioned in previous posts, we’re keen on running events which will be open to non-members for one. Dates are still being finalized but keep an eye on our Facebook page to get involved in track days, drift days and skid sessions among a couple of other more casual affairs.

10608459_956231354404148_8459636402021877846_oWe’re dead set on upping coverage of members rides and things we’re involved in also, so keep an eye on our blog as this will be getting updated regularly with homegrown jerk content.

Jerkfest 2014 206Memberships continue to be closed for now, but that’s not to say we’re not interested in new blood! As it stands, you’ll have to have some sort of connection to the club and be inducted through a ‘phase-in’ basis; if you have ties to a few current members, ask them how you can get involved.

10683543_957914270902523_4568022094091867402_oIn summary, thanks for following our ramblings, getting involved with our events or being part of the ongoing feedback that we continue to receive. Here’s to another year ahead!

Jerkfest 2014 204


Words: Damian Wijnhoud