The 2001 Honda Integra DC5R of Johnathan Bui has come a long way from the day Jono bought it from his cousin, and boy does it have a story to tell you! But MOST of that will have to wait for another day.

Johnno grew up surrounded by modified cars, in particular Honda’s thanks to his big brother Billy, so it was to no surprise that he would end up too having a passion for Hondas. At a young 14 years old, Johnno bought a Integra Type R DB8R as a first car and after a year or two and only 8 days before his 16th birthday he upgraded to the newer shaped Integra Type R..  the DC5R!

After only 21 days of ownership by his cousin the car changed possession. See Johnno’s cousin has a passion too, just for 4WD turbos.  The DC5R was virtually stock standard, with multi-toned blue factory paint, poo brown factory wheels and a Apexi cat-back exhaust, but it was a pretty clean slate to start modifying. Lucky for Johnno his cousin had purchased some aftermarket goodies for the DC5R from a supplier whilst under his ownership that were still on their way and were gifted to Johnno on their arrival.. well only half of them arrived. It consisted of a J’s racing 60rs exhaust tip, AEM intake and RRC intake manifold. The exhaust and intake took some modifying to fit but once Johnno heard the VTEC bark of the K20A everything changed, and from that day on the parts and ideas have just kept on coming.

The journey has been a path carved by inspiration from his brother, friends and more. Leading us to what we have here.. Johnathan Bui’s [ 0 PSI] Honda Integra Type R!



Now as mentioned above, this DC5R used to be a few different shades of blue. Most of the car has seen some love in the form of paint thanks to the front and rear guards needing to be pulled to allow for some wheel fitment. Meanwhile sitting pretty on some Tein Super Street Coilover suspension, which Johnno found out could not go as low as the old old spring/shock combo it sure does handle better and stick to the road.



Could not find a nicer way to finish off the rear end with a Modulo rear lip/diffuser, oh and check that finish on the J’s Racing tip! Nothing like a burnt finish!


After having some Advan RG’s in a 17×8.5 +31 fitment for awhile, Johnno spiced things up by fitting some fresh Enkei RPF1 wheels with a 17×9 +35 sizing. Also having the factory Brembo calipers resprayed in a bright yellow, which is a great contrast against the blue lug nuts!


Number plate bracket, Polyurethane front lip and nothing like a Speedhunters x Takata collaboration tow strap to tie up the front end.


Some love for


A full Carbon Fibre rear spoiler fitted, which has been painted apart from the centre piece to reveal the carbon goodness hidden underneath.




The interior of Johnno’s DC5R is reasonably untouched and super clean, the factory blue Recaros with Takata harnesses and some Cusco side pillar braces give a nice track feel.


Even with some power to go with the looks! Johnno has added a few more mods under the engine bay such as a Blox Velocity stack with custom 3″ intake pipe by Rick Wheeler and Buddyclub exhaust headers with the Integra putting out 162.9kw with a factory ECU!

Johnno’s DC5R is a perfect example of a practical, street driven, track inspired Integra.

We will leave you with a video by Sypro from Grizzly Pictures x Speedmagnet

Johnno would like to thank the people who helped him get the DC5R to how we see it today and apologizes to those he may have missed:
Darren Galvin, Kevin So, Billy Bui, Hannah Perry, Dave Thorneycroft at TSV, Rick Wheeler, Mikko Carlos, Alex Hsieh, Alex Brown at Moonlight Racing, Sean Pang at Ultimate LED’s, Gary Goldsmith, Julian Dunster at Obsessive Vehicle Security, Brian Cox, Spyro Serepisos, Steven Li, Mathew Kotsifakis, The team down at Jensen & Moore Levin, The Boys at Tony Tyres service in Porirua, The team at STM.

Words by Wayne Thompson

Pictures by Brian Cox

Video by Spyro Serepisos of Grizzly Pictures for Speedmagnet

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