On a recent weekend excursion to Taupo, I stopped into a good friends house for a bit of a catch up before heading out to take photos of his car. Arriving earlier then expected Matt was still busy washing his Civic Type R and an Accord Euro R Matt and his partner purchased just recently. Once both cars were cleaned and dried, Matt and I headed off in his Civic whilst our partners followed in the Accord, first stop was lunch at the infamous Wong’s Kitchen. After lunch we headed out to where an old cool store once stood but had been destroyed by a fire in which some lives were unfortunately lost in the blaze, leaving behind a bare concrete floor and one standing building. Great location however!

Matt’s EK9 started from humble beginnings with a few modifications from previous owners, but its no lie that Matt has taken this JDM hatchback to a new level.


There are a lot of modified Civics around the globe, whether they are track spec, street spec, hellaflush or other styles. Matt has found a great combination between many styles to create a streetable  little hatch that can be a fun track weapon too. As proven at the last Jerkfest held at Taupo International Raceway.


Sitting pretty, this little hatch has quite some work to get it setup to handle as well as look good. Hiding under this Civic are KYB Coilovers at all four corners with Ground Control extended top hats keep it solid around corners and up and down hills. Buddyclub front and rear camber arms and Blox toe arms keep the rest of the geometry intact. Ultra Racing Blox rear swaybar adjusters and Wong’s Engineering front and rear under body 2-point straight braces all add to the handling package.


This particular EK9 has no shortage of bolt on accessories to highlight the smooth factory Civic lines. From the Ikon carbon fibre front lip, to the Speedfactory carbon fibre bonnet, the Fastway carbon fibre side mirrors (thats a bit of carbon fibre ! ) and the Lucas Special rear spoiler tilt. Making this Civic an eye pleaser.


One thing that really sets this little weapon off, is the HAND POLISHED Enkei RPF1 wheels. Matt decided it was the perfect finish for the wheels and after hours of hard work sanding and polishing, the desired effect was achieved. With the 17×8 +35 RFP1’s, a further 5mm spacer was used to create some extra stance and clearance. Holding the RPF1’s to the hubs are a set of Kics R40 wheel nuts, and to keep the Civic on the street are 205/40 Bridgestone My01’s. For track however, the OEM CTR rims get matched with Dunlop D2G semi-slicks. Also some Endless track/street pads for some stopping power.


Stance:Nation repping and CJC’s 4nRotary nat’s theme “Jerkshop”


More of those beautiful RPF1’s!



Inside the car you’ll find a mix between comfort (still has air con!) and well, not quite so much. From the seats back its been mainly stripped, no rear seats, no parcel tray, boot carpet or spare tyre here! Instead Matt opted for an EM Racing 3 point rear tri brace to fill the void. A Bride style (for now) fixed back seat for the driver and factory Recaro passenger seat hold the occupants firmly in place, with the driver side matched with a Takata 4 point harness for track duties. Allowing for some sound thats not rattles, squeeks and vibrations there is a JVC headunit and speakers to play some music through and keep the passenger happy. And most recently the Cusco side braces Matt himself painted have been added.


Few additions like the Nardi steering wheel and Fastline shifter mated with Buddyclub gear knob improve the feel when driving whilst looking great and keeping the inside tidy. Helping the Fastline shifter change gears are some Energy shifter bushes.


Open the Speedfactory carbon bonnet, and your greeted with the heart of the Civic type R, the legendary B16B. They are a track ready rev-happy little motor and with the Blox Intake Manifold, Hondata thermal intake gasket, J’s Racing carbon intake pipe and filter,  Blox stepped 4-2-1 stainless exhaust headers leading to a 2.5″ custom stainless exhaust with 300mm Adrenalin R resonator and N1 rear muffler, its one well put together power plant! Helping with putting that power to the ground is a Cusco plate diff and to cool the B16B is a 50mm half size alloy radiator. Also a Ultra racing 3 point strut brace holding the front together.


Facelift EK9 CTR taillights to keep the clean look flowing through to the rear.


Finishing up with the rear end of the Civic, sporting a Devsport rear tow hook and the sleek N1 muffler to tie it all together. With such a great mix of track/street and function/form this Civic Type R is an all rounded package that delivers!

Matt would like to thanks his partner Jen, the Circle Jerk Crew, Wong’s Kitchen, and PMD painting. And to Damian for selling Matt the Ek9.


Words and Pictures by Wayne Thompson for CJC.org.nz visit my flickr


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