Its a fine line between function and form these days. A lot of people spend a lot of time, figuring out how aggressive they want their fitment to be, is it going to be daily driven? will it be hard parked? and most importantly, will it suit the car?

Ressa and Mayrhinne, found the perfect combination between function and form with their 2002 Honda Stream. Ressa wanted something stanced out and different to drive in the weekend, or when he isn’t driving his work hack, but also wanted to have a setup so Mayrhinne could drive during the week with their 3 kids.

What was accomplished, is the sleek, interesting, and stanced/ hellaflush (whatever you want to call it these days haha) Honda Stream below.


I’ll be honest, in factory form a Honda Stream wouldn’t be my first choice of grocery getter/ family wagon. BUT once you have lowered them tastefully and found the right set of wheels, you start to take a different approach at it, and visualise the endless opportunities you could do with it.




Ressa went for a set of BBS LM 18×9 +35, 18×8 +35 with reverse centres so effective offset is +18 all around, and hugged with a set of Limited Edition Bronze Work Wheels RS Nuts, no fake sh*t here! You have to admit, BBS’s really are a timeless wheel, and like the RS’s, the LM’s go well with a lot of cars.


Being the manager of  tyre shop comes in handy! It meant Ressa could try different suspension setups and different camber adjustments to get exactly what he wanted, and most importantly see if the wheels fit and were practical for his wife to drive everyday. He ended up lowering the car with Tein Super Low Down Wagon Damper Coilover, with a set of  Whiteline rear camber bushes and Ingalls front camber bolts.


I didn’t manage to get any engine bay pics on the day, but it’s had a K24A engine conversion done, Simota intake/stock airbox with Mugen air filter, CL7R exhaust manifold, and Fujitsubo Legalis R catback exhaust which gives a healthy bit of torque and power.



It’s one of those cars that does gets a bit of attention, but all for the right reasons. Why? In my opinion because its different, and makes you appreciate the balance between function and form.



IMG_0025 IMG_0037

2002 Honda Stream iS
K24A swapped
Simota intake/stock airbox with Mugen air filter
CL7R exhaust manifold
Custom made intake manifold
Fujitsubo Legalis R catback exhaust
OEM bodykit with Honda optional rear wing
Tein Super Low Down Wagon Damper
Ingalls front camber bolts
Whiteline rear camber bush
BBS LM 18×9 +35 front, 18×8 +35 rear with reverse centres so effective offset is +18 all around
Thule roof racks with fairing
Alpine head unit with OEM optional Bose Premium Sounds soundsystem


Photos & Words by Pritesh Dhanji.

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