The final show of the season laminated some of the finest and well executed modified whips in the Lower North Island, in conjunction with live drifting at Manfield Park, burnout competition, FMX display and time attack. The 4th V 4 and Rotary North Island Jamboree was sure to leave an entertaining impression on the general public. As such it was fitting for CJC to display it’s finest range of vehicles derived from the rugged terrain, with the Jerk’s far from disappointing. Be aware, these fella’s love tape and find any excuse to use it.1For the second year in a row, CJC entered the best selection of rides with continuing the success from the 4 and Rotary Nationals held earlier this year. The Jamboree allows Jerk’s to not only present new additions to their whips, but also provide a great weekend to catch up and talk smack to one another. Like previous shows this year was no different. While CJC has a larger base in Auckland, the Lower North Island Jerk’s wanted to compete on a higher level, as much as the Chiefs and Hurricanes rivalry exists. However, as a big family we had guys fly in from Auckland and also the devoted Hamiltron crew, Dallimore and Rob, driving down the Wong’s Kitchen showstopper EK Civic.

With over 20 Jerk’s assisting with this years stand, we all met up on Saturday morning in the early hours and made our way to Fielding to begin preparation at lunch. As with the Auckland show we wanted to continue to please the crowd with the Jerkshop theme. Jerks have a wide range of Japanese whips, and as such wanted to go back and show the CJC roots originating from the Honda scene, with genuine wheels, tools, parts and even Wong’s Kitchen boxes scattered amongst the stand.

23After all the antics, we were done by 5 and headed our way to Palmy to undergo some alcoholic and Green tea treatment. With next to no sleep for some, and after greasy Mac’d’s to start the day, we shot back to the show and gave all the vehicles a quick wipe down and applied all Jerkshop stickers (with Japanese text ‘Ultimate Power Tuning Shop’), waiting patiently for the crowd to pour in.

This year, while there were many Honda’s on tap, we had a couple of new Jerk whips on display. Chris’s staunch panda DRFT86 Hatchiroku and Tony’s AE85 on display. The 86 and 85 were both crowed pleasers, with the individual throttle bodies on the 86, the Hatchi screamed throughout the show, causing some early hearing issues for some. You’ve probably seen Chris’s AE86 in Performance Car, but in person it has to be appreciated with all nuts hovering over it throughout the day. And rightly so taking out Best Toyota!
465In between the two drift machines was Antz’ EK Civic (New Zealand Performance Car, Superstreet Cover Car) which took out Judges Award.4 5Something a bit different this year was the addition of Italian scooter connoisseur, Duccio’s clean Yamaha Aerox. It only seemed right to chuck this up in the middle of our stand. The detail to this little beast was next to none, with picking up Best Motorcycle; we were still in aw throughout the show.738 378Always looking to impress was Gung’s supreme FD2 Honda Civic Type R, after winning last years ‘Best Honda’, Gung returned to show spectators why, with all the JDM loaded accessories and additional carbon fibre panels.

92810While this wasn’t enough for Gung, he decided it was a good idea to bring the family Civic, doning another set of JDM wheels and Thule roof racks! Adding another dimension to the stand. Hopefully those Advans stay away from the curb!

11Jonathan’s track spec’d EG Civic was impressive and has the power to boot, the car adding an entirely different dimension to this years stand. Be sure to see this weapon around the circuit at the next CJC track day and also blog feature.

12 13In order to keep the two drift Toyota’s humble, Nimesh showed up in his clean S13 looking staunch as ever to contest with ‘flush’ fitment. Also adding roof spoiler and ‘Boso’ style exhausts. It surely has come a long way from it’s previous matt black spray can job and Workshop X kit!14 16There is a strange fascination in Levin, with two Jerk’s selecting the same shoes. Equipping their whip’s with Enkei RPF1’s. We’re certainly not complaining, both Jonathan’s DC5 Integra and Matty’s DC2 Type R showing how they like to be pictured rollin whilst not wearing Gumboot’s and Stubbies’ on local pasture.29 3135Wheel junkie Diederick brought up his clean EK9 Civic Type R, unsure which shoes to wear he decided to bring them all up and decided on the freshly refurbished Volk’s (16×8 +40 at the front and 16×8 +35 at the rear). He has impeccable taste and it clearly showed with perfect execution.17Brian’s clean FD2 looking to abuse the other FD2 on the stand and dyno. Now equipped with Advan’s this thing looked simple yet appealing with the stand out colour choice. 362As the rest of the Jerk’s wanked around relaxed, fellow Jerk Jarred got down to business and decided to attack Manfield and didn’t disappoint, punching down some impressive times (Picture courtesy of Brett @ Pit Crew Design)

23Back again this year was Rupz’s Toyota Mark II SKOOLN. This thing is amazing, and probably one of our favorites, showing the young guns how it’s done.8 9Like all public locomotives and automobiles, this Supra sported something common found down in the lower part of the North Island, roadkill. Rather fascinated, we checked if this was infact a real Bunny,  confirming our suspicions, it made for an interesting meal.20It’s first appearance, the infamous six rotor. This tidy RX4 coupe built by Alex Sigley was impressive to say the least. When the ignition turns on it immediately breaks necks like a Tranny appearing in Church. This was insane, with the owner taking it out for a whip around Manfield, to allow the public to witness something pretty momentous. Congratulations on the build and the countless awards it swept Alex!

1213PPRE had a strong presence this year, putting on display some of the toughest Rotor’s in NZ1626This tidy RX2 has had countless hours spent, with it’s bare body respray and de-loomed engine bay it looks the part!14 15Jason Ferguson’s Mazda RX3 ROTATN looking lush on Simmons. Timeless classic!

25Different and innovative was Charles O’Malley’s Subaru SKDNUP featuring an SR20DET!19222133After the awards, the Jerk’s got back to work, cleaning up, and started making their way back to Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland. So with this in mind, it made sense to wager a little Jerk Challenge. Is it quicker to drive to Hamilton in the Wong’s Kitchen EK or can the Jaffa’s beat them to Auckland in the ever so reliable Jetstar A320? Well to end it all, all we can say is Wongs Kitchen must make mighty fine chicken and as the Wong’s Kitchen mobile made it to Hamilton faster than Wong can dunk his chicken in the fryer.

That wraps up our coverage, we will see you in 2014!3

Words: Azim Ali 

Photos: Pritesh Dhanji & Duccio Ancillotti