The Nat’s is so much more than a car show for us in the CJC. For the third year in a row we entered a large selection of our best whips; cars that we knew would drop jaws and break necks. We achieved that. Big time.  But more importantly, as the second biggest event in our calendar, the Nat’s gives us all a chance to catch up with everyone in the group on a big scale. The Friday before the show is a day-long slog to get the stand ready. At least 30 Jerks helped out and amongst the stress much banter and many lolz were had.  Friday night was the annual Genghis’ Mongolian BBQ raid where much bulking is achieved and post-feed drinks were a plenty. 3 hours of sleep later…

Saturday is the easy bit. Once we’d applied the window stickers at 8am it was simply a matter of waiting for the impending rush of people arriving at 9. Saturday gives us each a chance to get to take a look around the show properly for the first time. I try not to look too hard at what’s rolling in on setup day so I have something to do on Saturday.


This year our theme was the Jerkshop – a play on the word workshop. We set out to have a wide range of Japanese cars looking like they were either being worked on, or parked up at a Japanese tuning shop. The Japanese text under the logo reads, ‘Ultimate Power Tuning Shop,’ a throwback to the CJC’s Honda roots. Rare parts, tools and memorabilia were scattered throughout the stand.


You’ve probably seen Kelvin’s Mazda Capella on many many blogs, both local and international. I haven’t seen Nats coverage that hasn’t featured this car. Kelvin took out Runner Up in the People’s Choice award. We’re not surprised, there was a constant group of people in front of it all day long.



Next to the Capella was Greg’s super clean S14 and on the other side, Tank’s killer 4G63 EX Lancer – this thing will be mad when it’s finally running.




Paul has sold his Series 6 RX7 which has previously featured on our stand. Now he’s rocking this WRX STi which sits on HUGE Motegi rims. It almost looks like an RC car! Behind it sit’s Colin’s über clean Evo 5 dressed in R34 GTR blue and sits on Work Meisters.


Wayne’s S14 is constantly clean and is one of the only cars to feature on our stand ever year. His new Rocket Bunny spoiler brings the whole car together.


Matt’s EK9 hatch was looking super fresh with new paint, lip and hand polished Enkei’s.


John’s Kaido spec EG hatch is a credit to his individual style. This thing gets thrashed on the track too, it’s not just a pretty face!


More old school cars in NZ need to be modified in this manner. Simple, but effective, Shane’s Corona was definitely a crowd pleaser.


Sticking with the old school for a second, Shannon’s Datto 1600 looks tough on modern Works and with a modern SR20DET powerplant. Next to it, Nigel’s Chaser is always a feature of our stands with its simple but very effective styling.


Antz’ Civic AKA Big Red AKA NZPC and Superstreet cover car took out the Best Honda award.


There is little doubt that MX5s are the next big thing in the scene. All the cool kids are getting them. You may remember Luke’s red turbo MX5 blew minds on our stand in 2011. In 2012 Taryn’s world famous Miatasaurus was featured. In 2013 Willy’s 13B PP NB Mx5 had people peering into its engine bay all day long.


The word tidy or clean doesn’t even begin to describe Neel’s Accord Euro R. Slammed on Rotiform BLQs it’s ahead of its time – for NZ anyway!


Probably the only car to get more media coverage than Kelvin’s Capella was this monster. If you don’t know about this car, go and pick up the latest NZPC Magazine!



This serious looking drift E36 BMW was at the NZPC stand. Killin’ it.


On the other side of the NZPC stand was the Taryn x Pedey Datsun S30 280Z complete with G-Nose and fresh paint by CJC sponsor, GT Refinishers. Later in the day the Datsun was rightfully adorned with its Jerkshop sticker. Words cannot describe how amazing this car is in the flesh. How it missed out on an award is simply mind boggling.



Ben’s 323 wagon took out the award for Best Wagon and his crew, Lowlife, took out the Newcomer Club award. Massive respect to him and the other Lowlife team, the Matchbox theme was sick and the cars were even sicker. Respect.



Mad Mike’s BRODZR truck commanded a lot of attention outside the main hall.



This Series 3 RX7 Replica was one of the most beautifully finished cars at the show.


Everyone except Kelvin wears Nike. Also, juice, water and Coke Zero are the three least popular drinks in the vending machine.


Bonus points for noticing these awesome custom ciggy packets on the dash of John’s blue EG hatch. I’d smoke those.

That brings our 2013 coverage to a close. What 2014 will bring is anyone’s guess.


Words: James Swarbrick

Photos: Jesse Gray & Kelvin Taylor

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