Or doing it all right? Our good friend Roger has owned his Accord Euro LS for a few years now, collecting the car in stock form he proceeded to turn this up-town vehicle into what he calls his “poor man’s Mercedes”. Inside the Accord is very much stock, however being the LS version its factory fitted with the option ivory leather interior!
Keeping things classy is everything right?

The factory sleek look of the Accord has been enhanced over Rogers ownership to provide a super tidy daily driven businessman’s toy! A great ride to drive around town in comfort and style.

With a full Mugen lip kit front and rear and boot spoiler, the cars natural curves become more aggressive. As with the AMGrear tailpipes!

Note the roof has been blackened out in style just as some Mercedes are.

Such a clean and tidy all round beauty. The Accord sits lowered on Euro R shocks fitted with Neuspeed springs, keeping things firmly on the road.
Inserts on the Mugen lip in silver are one of the many little personal touches of brilliance.
Leaving you with the 18×8 Work Emotion XD-9 Limited Edition Colour.
Driving around Auckland, Rogers Accord stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. No “hella-fucked” guards here. Just flush fitted wheels, attention to detail and a lot of class!
Roger would like to thank the whole crew at CJC, Wong’s Kitchen and the Wong Fitment Crew.
Words and pictures exclusively by Wayne Thompson for CJC.org.nz. Wayne’s Flickr
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