At our most recent  meet held in Auckland, the unveiling of Neel’s new shoes was definitely something to remember.

As most CJC members will know, the cars that Neel builds always have something unique about them – being original is something Neel is all about.

After thinking long and hard, Neel decided he would take a gamble and order some Rotiform BLQs, not knowing how they would look on his Accord Euro R.

After waiting patiently, his Rotiform BLQs arrived JUST in time for the CJC Auckland Meet in May, where he showcased them and his car for the very first time; New Zealand’s first to be rolling on a set of Rotiforms. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive – he definitely pulled them off!

Anyway, enough of the chit chat, we’ll let the photos do the talking!


Neel says he still has some tidying up to do on the CL7, so keep your eyes peeled as there will be a full feature on this stunner (see what I did there) soon!

Words/ Photos: Pritesh

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