A few weeks ago, Piyush and I caught up with Shane. If you havn’t met Shane yet, he’s that guy with the mad skill at Autolign Mt Wellington that makes custom suspension setup’s and reconditions your Bilstein’s and Tein’s. Make sure you go visit him and the team at Autolign/Racelign if you need any advice on suspension, no matter what the car is.

Shane picked up this 1980 Corona a few months back, he’s the 2nd owner and the car has only travelled 54,000 kilometre’s! For the age of the car and the fact that it’s mostly still the original paint, the car is pretty immaculate. Even the leather interior is in mint condition.

One thing you will notice very quickly on this car is that awesome boso style front chin spoiler, which fits perfectly with the look of the car. The front lip is actually made for an old Mitsubishi GTO Colt, which has been modified to fit.

The stance comes courtesy of custom spec lowered cobra springs which shane worked out the measurements and specially ordered, custom made rear Bilstein shocks and shortened front housings with camry inserts to retain travel and gain a nice sporty setup. The day of the photoshoot the car wore a set of very rare SSR Brights Racing 14×6.5″ borrowed from his mate Richy. Shane has a new set of wheels coming soon which will be some Watanabe Type A 14×7 0p, along side a pair of SSR MKII’s 14×7 0p.
Gotta love the small personal touches!


Words: Pritesh
Proofred: Shane
Photos: Pritesh & Piyush Dhanji

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